Friday, August 6, 2010

Stain Week > Tiny Beaches

So after all I decided I will be staying home for the week. This is pretty exciting because I will be having Alan, Stu and Phil over and possibly others too throughout the week! [Alan will be staying over for the majority of the week] So I stalked up on alcohol. I'm very positive I bought enough for 100 people, but it's a week so it's cool. I was pretty bummed out about not going to Tiny Beaches at first, but being an 18 year old girl with a free house for a week makes me not regret my decision at all. And I will still be going to Tiny Beaches probably next Sunday so all is well and summer is seeming to fall into place. Now if only we can get Myles to come down to Woodbridge. Lmao.

Bring on Stain Week it officially has begun! :) 

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